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Since 6 generations...


We have been wine-growers since 6 generations respecting the tradition. The Loriot estate has taken root in Festigny since the end of the 19th century.

My great-great-grand-father Léopold Loriot (Jules Léopold Loriot’s son, wine-grower in Beaurepaire, linked with the village of Festigny) was one of the first wine-growers in the Champagne region to piece together his vineyard over the phylloxera crisis by planting vine-stocks grafted and planted in line. After his military-service in the end of the 19th century in Burgundy where a great part of the vineyard was already ravaged by phylloxera, wine-growers started to replant their vines after grafting.

Grafting box
Grafting box

From his return in the Champagne region while phylloxera appearing, he started to graft and replant his vines as he saw do it in Burgundy. At that time, he specialized in grafting and nursery. From 1910, he equipped himself with a press (the first in the village) and worked jobbing on behalf of wholesalers. In 1919, his winery was equal to 1 ha 70 a vines divided into 3 different regions.

Germain Loriot his son (master grafter) set about making and selling his wine in the very beginning of 30s. In 1931, he got a vermeil medal for the quality of his wines. In 1932, his Champagne sales were equal to 1.886 bottles and to 4.894 bottles in 1937.

André Loriot my father has developped handling work and marketing from the 50s and devoted himself to these activities with love and rigour for more than 40 years. In 1964 new cellars were fit out. In 1974 he equipped himself with still traditional press (our wine press is approved for its quality).

Joseph Loriot by Olivier Rüther
Joseph Loriot by Olivier Rüther

As for me, Joseph Loriot, in 1980 I was settled in and my turn took over the family winery with my wife Odile, who is herself wine-grower’s daughter and hail from Avize, registered as “Grand Cru” located in the heart of the “Côte des Blancs”. At this moment, we developed the label : “Champagne Joseph Loriot Pagel”.

After finishing his professional studies in the field of wine-producing and carrying out a professional training in Australia, our son Jean-Philippe Loriot has joined the family winery since September 2006 and continued the work we have started with enthusiasm. So he embodies the 6th generation.