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Our involvement


Since 2000, we have joined the Regional Federation of the Wine-growers of the Champagne region, and nation-wide we have become members of the National Confederation of the French Independent Wine-growers. So, we have promised to respect the independent wine-grower charter.

Quote of the charter

“All by himself, the wine-grower symbolizes the whole wine-producing field. This man, who is involved in every stage from the vine to the wine has a very full trade and applies in every respect the independent wine-grower charter.

So, this wine-grower :

  • treats with respect his soil,
  • works his wine,
  • harvests his grape,
  • turns to wine and grows his wine,
  • bottles in his wine within his cellars,
  • sells his products,
  • improves himself while respecting tradition,
  • welcomes visitors, gives advices about tasting and enjoys showing the result from his work and his production."

This charter applied by the wine-growers, who are members of the "French Independent Wine-Growers", guarantees you the genuineness and the quality of achieved work”.

The logo “vigneron indépendant”, that you will find on our packaging, labels and brochures gives you the guarantee of the genuineness and the make of our Champagne wines.