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Our cellars


In 1993, we equipped ourselves with new facilities : cellars and wineries.

In 2000, a reception room was fit out to receive about fifty people.

Our winery that contains altogether 1.200hl is equipped with about twenty stainless steel tanks from 7 to 105 hl and three enamelled tanks. A part of our reserve wines is preserved and matured in oak barrels.

Constantly in search of quality, in 2005 we equipped ourselves with a new automatic tilted plate press from Coquard Company. This new generation type of press is at the moment the best pressing tool in the Champagne region. It allows to make compatible respect of grape with an easy pressing work. The rapes from pressing work are noteworthy quality.
So, our wine press is approved for its quality.

Our activity has been being in permanent progress and today our winery is equal to more than 9 ha vines and an annual production of 70 to 75.000 bottles.

We have been wine-makers from father to son since more than one century. So we harvest and turn to wine only the grapes from our own vineyard.


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