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Blanc de Blancs Millésime


The glass is full by a large and sensual foam. Some columns of delicate bubbles fly away subtly and drop from the surface as a ribbon. The colour is lemony yellow and glinting.

Some very ligth green glints emphasize the brightness. The wine is generous in the nose. Citrus fruit aromas mingle with almond paste, dried flowers and pear flavours.

The nose is grown that is on the way to taking candied fruit and honey-sweet aromas which will enrich it more.

The mouth is well-rounded. White flower (lime tree and acacia) expresses in the palate with almond notes.

The vividness quite characteristic of this vintage adds a personal touch to the wine and gives it a combination of maturity and freshness. This Chardonnay has a great personality and can be served with fish.

At the moment, it’s a vintage 2006 we propose you.

It may be preserved because its aromas will enrich to make it excellent.